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Wondering What’s the Deal with Boilers? Check Out these 6 Surprising Fun Facts!

Boiler Facts

Homeowners in Bloomington, MN are making a big deal about boiler systems because doing so offers multiple benefits including cleaner air, cheaper fuel costs and less polluting of the environment.

Rave reviews of boilers have many people wondering if it is time to call an HVAC professional to get a price for a new efficient condenser boiler.

Investing in a new boiler is well worth the $8000 to $20,000 price tag, but first, you might want to learn a few more facts about how these boilers can provide inexpensive heat to your home.

Fact #1 - Boilers Do Not Heat Water to Boiling

Boiler QuestionBoilers are not water-heaters in the classic sense. The water in boilers that is deployed for radiant heating systems is usually heated to about sixty degrees to seventy degrees.

Boilers located in freestanding water heaters can be in the range of 145 to 190 degrees, but that is because these natural gas flames are specifically meant to produce hot water for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Fact #2 - Boilers Are Simple to Understand

Working BoilerBoilers are not complex machinery. You turn on a switch, and the ignition creates a flame. Warmed water rises up through the network of pipes in your home to provide radiant heat in every room.

The pipes carrying this water may be located behind walls and under floorboards, or they may be exposed and encased with insulation.

This warm water eventually cools and then travels back to the boiler, where it is warmed and sent through the system of pipes again and again.

Fact #3 - Low Water Pressure Can Affect Boiler Performance

Water PressureBefore the installation of a brand new boiler, you need to make sure that your intake from your water main has enough water pressure to fill your radiant heating pipes completely with water.

Otherwise, faucets may not work or provide hot water when the boiler is in operation. Be sure to have your water pressure assessed before you to choose to install the boiler to prevent malfunctioning radiant heating systems.

Fact #4 - Boilers Don’t Add Steam to the Air

HumidityA big misconception about boilers is that they ad vapor in the air. These systems produce radiant heat, which means the heat warms objects and not the air itself.

The fact that the air is warmed is a secondary reaction. Radiant heating systems run by boilers are sealed systems that do not steam up your indoor air.

Fact #5 - Boilers Provide Energy Efficient Heat

Energy Efficient BoilerAs boilers are a sealed energy system, there is no way for the energy you have paid for to escape.

This means that every ounce of water that flows through your pipe is used and then it is recycled again and again.

This substantially lowers the cost of your bills and it also makes it less necessary to turn the thermostat of the boiler very high. Your home will be adequately heated using less fuel.

Fact #6 - Boilers Can Save You Up to 90% on Your Energy Bill

Save MoneyReplacing your old furnace or boiler with a brand new condenser model can produce savings of up to ninety percent on your heating bill. Usually, the unit pays for itself in about two years.

Finally, you can be quite confident that the air that is warmed is free of carbon monoxides, vapor, and fumes.

You will also breathe easier knowing that this type of heating system does not pollute the outdoor environment at all. If you are looking for an efficient green way to heat your home, then it is well worth your time to investigate the matter further by getting a quote on boiler installation from a reputable expert.