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Designed specifically for Minnesota water temperatures, tankless water heaters are a great option for many Bloomington, MN homeowners. These efficient units are easy to use and offer numerous benefits and advantages. At Minnesota Plumbing and Heating, we specialize in tankless water heater service including installation and repairs. Our friendly and experienced technicians offer comprehensive solutions to all your tankless water heater problems.

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How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

As the name implies, a tankless water heater eliminates the need for a bulky hot water tank in your home. By connecting directly to your plumbing system, a tankless water heater can safely and efficiently heat your water without a tank. Using a series of high-efficiency heating elements, water is heated as it is needed rather than heating an entire tank’s worth of water to work. When the hot water is shut off, the unit goes into standby mode until it’s needed again.

Why Go Tankless?

Are you on the fence about installing a tankless water heater in your home? Check out some of the amazing benefits of using a tankless unit before you make your final decision:

  • Save money - You will experience significant savings on your energy bill since tankless units are more efficient and use less energy.
  • Save space - Enjoy additional space in your house by getting rid of the bulky hot water tank.
  • Less maintenance and fewer repairs - With fewer components, you will experience fewer tankless water heater repair and maintenance issues. We've partnered with the manufacturers to ensure that we only install tankless units that DO NOT need routine flushing.
  • Limitless hot water - Homes that use a lot of hot water throughout the day will also enjoy unlimited hot water.
  • Longer lifespan - These units also last longer in the home compared to traditional water heaters.
  • Works with smaller gas lines - Even older homes and homes with seemingly smaller gas lines can enjoy the benefits of a new tankless water heater installation.

Do You Need Tankless Water Heater Repair

Believe it or not, many makes and models of tankless water heaters suffer from the same problems as traditional tank units. If you’re experiencing problems with your tankless water heater, give us a call so we can provide the right diagnosis and a speedy repair. Here are just a few things that can go wrong with tankless units:

  • Buildup of minerals
  • Insufficient air supply
  • Exhaust buildup
  • Ignition or flame failure
  • Inconsistent heating
  • Overloaded system

Sometimes, the solution is simple such as flushing the unit to remove mineral buildup or replacing a heating element. We’ll always attempt to repair over replace and recommend the most cost-effective and long-term solution.

Installing a Tankless Heater vs Repairing Your Current One

If your tankless water heater just isn’t working like it used to anymore, you may be wondering if you’re in need of water heater repair or if you should opt for tankless water heater installation. Many homeowners are now choosing to install tankless systems because of the many benefits you can enjoy with a tankless water heater. Here are some reasons you should consider to replace rather than repair your existing unit.

  • Your old unit is inefficient: Newer tankless water heaters also mean better energy efficiency ratings. This is especially true when it comes to tankless water heater systems which are more efficient than conventional storage tank systems. This means better performance for less money.
  • Your water heater is old: An old water heater means that you are having to repair your water heater more frequently and that you will also need to replace soon. It is more cost efficient in the long run to replace your old water heater with a new and efficient tankless water heater.
  • Your bills are high: High water and utility costs could mean that your water heater is not working as efficiently as it should be. Sometimes, this means that you may need water heater repair but other scenarios may require a replacement.

Upgrading may seem like a pain and may also seem expensive but you should weigh all the factors when deciding. Oftentimes, you will find that upgrading and enjoying the benefits of a new tankless water heater for a long time to come outweighs expensive repairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do tankless water heaters work in Minnesota due to the cold incoming water?

Yes, some do! The units that Minnesota Plumbing and Heating installs are designed specifically with Minnesota water temperatures in mind. They work great and you can have endless hot water for multiple showers running at the same time.

Is my gas line big enough for a tankless unit?

Most of the homes we install have an adequate supply of gas. It is RARE to find a home that
needs anything upgraded. The tankless units that Minnesota Plumbing and Heating uses are designed for older
homes and homes with smaller gas lines.

Is maintenance for a tankless water heater expensive?

Some models of tankless units DO NOT need flushing. Yes, most companies that install tankless water heaters will demand that you flush them. We have worked closely with the manufacturers to make sure that you do not have to flush your tankless water heater.

Are tankless water heaters as safe as tank models?

Yes! In fact, more often than not, they’re safer than tank water heaters. This is because tank units tend to produce a lot of heat to increase the water temperature as quickly as possible. This can be a risk as pressure is likely to build up. Tankless models, on the other hand, don’t have this problem. Since there is no tank, the water is simply being heated as is passes through the plumbing lines leaving no risk for an explosion.

Are tankless units good for the environment?

Yes, they’re safe and much better for the environment than tank models. Since tankless water heaters only heat water as it is needed, they consume much less energy than a tank heater would use. This means lower electric and gas bills for you and a smaller carbon footprint too!

Are there any features I should be aware of when installing a tankless water heater?

Since tankless units need to be vented, they must be installed in a strategic location where this is possible. Another thing to keep in mind is how much gas can be supplied to the water heater. Units that produce more hot water naturally require more gas to function. Most of time, there is sufficient capacity with the existing gas line, however, in rare cases you will need to have your gas line expanded.

How do I choose the right company in my area to install a tankless water heater?

It's important to do your research! Working with a licensed and insured plumbing company that has reputable experience in the area is crucial.

With a century of plumbing experience, Minnesota Plumbing and Heating is the name homeowners trust most for tankless water heater installation in the area. As a licensed and insured company that takes pride in our work, we provide peace of mind with each installation that the job is done properly and to code. We also provide upfront pricing by the job (not by the hour) so there are never any unwanted surprises!

To find out if a tankless water heater installation is right for you, contact us at (952) 445-4444. Find out why we are the best tankless water heater repair and installation service providers in Bloomington, MN.