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Enjoy the Benefits of Ductless Systems in Your Home


St. Paul, MN experiences the full spectrum of seasons. In particular, summer temperatures can get quite hot, which is why homeowners in the area need to invest in a high-quality cooling system.

For many, the best option is a ductless mini split AC. These systems have a variety of advantages and benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should think about using a ductless system in your home:

First of All, How do They Work?

How Does It WorkRegular air conditioning systems work by connecting an air handler and to a duct network inside your walls.

The ducts carry the conditioned air throughout the home, and cool air is forced out through the vents. A ductless system is much easier to operate and install because it requires no ductwork in the home.

These units consist of a mini air handler mounted on the wall inside your home. This air handler is connected to an outside fan via copper wiring.

The ductless system condenses and cools the air at the source and blows cool air into your rooms from one convenient spot. So how do they benefit St. Paul homeowners?

They Are Easier to Install

Unlike traditional AC units that require a full remodeling and comprehensive installation, a ductless mini split can be installed in any home, even if there is no existing ductwork.

More Efficiency Equals More Savings

Good Savings

In addition to being easier to install, a ductless system is also more efficient and better for the environment.

Did you know that traditional ducts could absorb up to 30% of the cooling energy produced by an AC unit?

Window units are also less efficient, and unable to keep a consistent temperature in your home.

With a ductless system, you will see significant savings on your energy bill since there are no ducts to absorb the cool air and create inefficiencies.

Create Temperature Zones in Your Home

Depending on the size or location of your house, you may want to focus cooling power on specific zones or rooms. For example, if your living room gets a lot of sunshine but your home office is located in a shady part of the property, you will probably want to focus more cooling power in the hotter room.

With a ductless system, you can install mini air handlers in each room or zone of your house and control it separately based on the unique needs. The air handlers are also located high on the wall and are discrete enough that they will not clash with décor.

They Can be Used for Heat Too

On & Off

Some ductless mini split models can also be used to heat your home, which is ideal for a climate like Minnesota, where we see a wide range of temperatures throughout the year.

Ease of Use

If you’ve ever fiddled with a thermostat, you understand the annoyance of getting the temperature in your home “just right.” With a ductless mini split, controlling the temperature is just as simple as changing a channel. Most ductless systems are controlled by simple remotes, which make it easy to stay comfortable no matter where you are in the home.

At Minnesota Plumbing & Heating, we can provide reliable and affordable ductless services to the 55105, 55104 and 55116 zip codes. Whether you’re tired of losing energy and paying more for your AC system or you are simply looking for an easier way to stay cool this summer, a ductless mini split AC system is right for you.