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Professional Heater Repair and Installation Services

Is your heater ready for winter? Investing in annual heater service and maintenance is always a good idea to make sure your unit is working safely and efficiently. Hiring a heating repair company to perform preventative maintenance will also help prevent future breakdowns and reduce your monthly energy bills since it will ensure that the heater is working at peak efficiency. For instances where you are experiencing a heater breakdown, Minnesota Plumbing and Heating can also provide quick and effective heater repair service.

If heating repair is no longer a sufficient solution, we often recommend heater replacement or a new installation. For heaters that are over 20 years old, it’s a good idea to invest in a new heater installation. After this point, the heater will start to lose efficiency and require more frequent repairs, resulting in higher energy bills and bigger repair costs. A new heater installation will help you save money in the long run.

Affordable Furnace Service

Our furnace contractors are trained and experienced in all things relating to furnace repair and maintenance. Odd behavior from the furnace such as strange noises, lack of airflow, or loss of heating capacity are all issues that can be fixed with professional furnace repair service. As soon as you notice something wrong, we recommend calling the furnace company for a quick and effective solution. We also recommend investing in furnace maintenance to make sure the unit is working safely and efficiently all year long. Most furnace repair companies recommend annual maintenance to save money and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

In cases where the furnace is old and worn out of it is frequently breaking down and requiring repairs, we recommend professional furnace replacement. A new furnace installation will help you prevent future repairs and save money on your energy bill. Only furnace installation companies can know for sure if the time is right to replace a furnace, but if you notice rising bills or frequent breakdowns, it may be a sign that you should replace the unit.

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