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The next time you need fast and effective plumbing repairs and installations, call (952) 445-4444 and speak with the experts at Minnesota Plumbing and Heating. Our technicians are always on-call and ready to serve you when you need us.

Minnesota Plumbing and Heating has been working with homeowners in Chaska, MN since 1917. In that time, we have helped countless families with their plumbing repairs and installations. As a trusted plumbing contractor in the community, we regularly provide honest advice and quality workmanship to better the lives of our clients.

Our residential plumbing services are designed to improve efficiency and save money in the long run. From quick repairs to comprehensive new plumbing installations, we treat each project with the same attention-to-detail and care regardless of the size or difficulty of the task at hand.

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Easy and Affordable Plumbing Repair and Installation Services

When you need a quick plumbing repair that is reliable and affordable, contact the professionals at Minnesota Plumbing and Heating. We specialize in repairs that quickly solve the issue and ensure the most effective result for the customer’s unique situation. Whether you need an urgent burst pipe repair or your sump pump is malfunctioning and needs to be looked at, we are able to help. Investing in quality plumbing service and repair will help you save money in the long run and enjoy reliable and efficient plumbing appliances.

When it’s time to invest in a new installation, we are also more than happy to recommend new products designed to make your life easier. Plumbing installation services such as bathroom remodeling, faucet installation and water filtration system services are all great ways to add value to your home while replacing old and worn out components is the best way to save money on energy bills and improve the efficiency of the unit.

Reasons to Replace Your Water Heater

When it comes to professional water heater services, make sure you hire a plumber who knows what they are doing. At Minnesota Plumbing and Heating, we specialize in exceptional water heater repairs and installations. From emergency thermostat repair to replacing minor electrical components, we can make sure your water heater is always working reliably.

We can also help when the time comes to install a new water heater. If your current unit is always breaking down or you are noticing rising energy bills from an inefficient unit, it may be time to consider a replacement to save money in the long run.

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