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How to Keep Your Outdoor Plumbing Clog-Free

When your outdoor plumbing has a blockage, it can get serious quickly. Indoor plumbing blockages are easier to catch before they cause any real damage. Outdoor plumbing is a little different. Depending on the blockage, if it’s big enough you could have a trench dug in your ground and new pipes being installed before you know it. If the blockage isn’t as severe, an outdoor plumbing professional can usually fix the problem remotely with little to no damage to your yard.

It is important to get these problems fixed as soon as possible though because if they aren’t fixed quickly, you could be left with lasting damages to your home. Below is more information on outdoor plumbing and blockages, and how to prevent clogs. Along with information about hydrojetting.

What Is Outdoor Plumbing?

Outdoor plumbing usually gets forgotten about when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. The fixtures don’t get used as often as indoor plumbing fixtures, and maintenance seems to fall on the back burner. It is just as important to take care of your outdoor plumbing as it is your indoor plumbing.

outdoor plumbingSome common outdoor plumbing includes:
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Outdoor Showers and Sinks
  • Hose Fixtures
  • Sprinkler System
  • Sewage Lines

The sewage line is probably where you will experience blockages the most. This can often be more serious than other blockage areas because it could quickly back up into your home, destroying furniture and appliances.

Outdoor Pipe Clogs

Outdoor pipe clogs can happen seemingly out of nowhere and threaten to ruin a perfectly good day, or two. Clogs are easily prevented, but only with regular maintenance.

outdoor pipes

If you neglect your outdoor plumbing, a blockage is inevitable. There are a few ways it can happen:

  • Throwing debris down the toilet drain: You should only throw toilet paper down your toilet drain, and in small amounts at that. Toilet drains aren’t meant for trash. This will clog your main sewage line in no time.
  • Throwing grease and other large food debris down the kitchen sink: Kitchen sinks aren’t meant for large debris either. The pipes in your sewage line aren’t very wide and food can get stuck quite easily.
  • Grease will inevitably cause a clog because it thickens up and just sits within your pipe, trapping almost everything that tries to move past it.
  • Tree roots can cause major issues. Once a tree root grows into your sewage line, expensive repairs are a must and possible tree removal as well.
  • Sagging sewage line: When a sewage line sags it starts collecting all kinds of food, waste, and debris. Sewage lines use gravity to keep things flowing properly, so when a line starts sagging this causes problems.

The Purpose of Hydrojetting

hydrojettingHyrdojetting service is performed by a professional outdoor plumber when you have a rather large blockage in your piping system. This service is done in an attempt at saving the piping system, so replacements aren’t necessary. Because let’s face it, paying for this service is cheaper than installing new pipes in your yard.

This service can actually help your entire plumbing system because the 35,000 psi of water will likely flush out your entire system, not just the blockage. Most likely, your pipes will be crystal clear after a hyrdojetting service is performed.

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