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Fight The Presidents Day Heat in Your Home!


February in Minnesota is anything but hot. However, if you are planning to host friends and family at your house this holiday weekend, you may find that it's a little warmer than you anticipated. The more people in your house, the more body heat is radiating into the air.

Add the heat from all the food cooking or being warmed up in the kitchen to that, and it'll start to feel like summer right in your living room! That's why Minnesota Plumbing & Heating wants to help you keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape this season.

Watch Out For Those Varying Temperatures!

centralhvacEarlier this month, we learned that the famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, predicted an early spring!

That's good news for us here in Bloomington, but as spring approaches, it also means that temperatures are going to begin to fluctuate more.

With some days being hotter than others, having a central operating system for your HVAC is a great convenience.

Think about it, if your home is cooled or heated by an individual or mini-split air systems, then adjusting the temperature every day can get to be a chore. The task of heating or cooling your home each day is much easier when a central operating system controls both systems.

Are Your Heating Services up to Date?

heatingservicesImagine if right in the middle of your long, Presidents Day weekend, your heater just stops working.

It's bad enough that your heater would have the audacity to give out during the winter, but to do it on a three day weekend when you're trying to relax and enjoy a day off with your family?

That's just plain disrespectful. Luckily for you, Minnesota Plumbing & Heating offers a range of quality heating services all year long, even on holidays like Presidents Day. If you haven't had your heater inspected and tuned up by a professional in more than a year, give us a call right away to prevent a heating emergency.

The Importance of a Clean AC Filter

acfilterIf you're in a relationship, chances are you've probably done something extra this month to show your significant other how much you care about them. Well, you can show your HVAC system you care too just by changing your AC filter.

With HVAC systems, you get what you give- so if you want to get comfortable temperatures with great air-quality, you'll need to give it a new filter every one to three months. To show your appreciation for your clean air, even more, you can have your air ducts, and vents cleaned every three to five years.

So whether it's to show your HVAC system that you appreciate what it does for your home, or to honor the great men that have led our country through the last three centuries, make sure to take care of your HVAC systems this Presidents Day weekend.

If you're not where, to begin with, your HVAC services, give Minnesota Plumbing a call at (952) 445-4444. All jokes aside, our Bloomington, MN team would be happy to help you get your heating and cooling systems in order this February.