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Don’t Forget About Your Outdoor Fixture Maintenance


Summertime is packed with wonderful things like sunshine, baseball games, and evenings spent fishing on the lake. Summer is also full of tumultuous things like droughts and floods, bug infestations, and extreme heat.

While you’re busy enjoying the summer sunshine, maintaining your yard, and fighting off a locust plague, don’t forget about your outdoor plumbing and water fixtures.

We place a lot of trust in our outdoor elements to keep our families comfortable and our yards looking there best. So if you need some reminding about the importance of your outdoor fixtures, be sure to read on!

Keep Those Outdoor Elements Healthy

fixturerepairWe’re homeowners too, which means we understand how busy life can get. One place you can’t skip your attention, however, is your home’s upkeep. The summer months are the best to get outdoors and enjoy the wonderful weather.

Chances are, it’s also a time to notice when fixtures are damaged. It’s important to do your best to perform thorough inspections throughout.

While you won’t be able to repair many of the plumbing elements in your yard, at the very least you can identify the issues. Look for conditions like rust buildup and water leaks to help point your plumbing pro in the right direction.

Check Any Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures

outdoorplumbingOther than disconnecting and draining hoses in the fall, most homeowners don’t pay much attention to their outdoor faucets.

However, leaks in outdoor faucets can cause a lot of damage inside your home, so it’s worth your time to inspect your spigots and make sure that they’re flowing well.

If the water flow seems to be lower than it should be, or it seems to fluctuate up and down, you may have a blockage inside your pipe. Clearing outdoor pipes isn’t as simple as pouring a little bit of hot water or vinegar down the drain as you do in your bathroom.

No, gravity works against you in your outdoor faucets. If you suspect a blockage, it’s smart to call for professional help right away. If you ignore the problem, water can leak into your outer walls and eventually into your home. If you have an outdoor sink, either for yard work or as part of your outdoor kitchen, you should regularly clean and disinfect it.

Unfortunately, outdoor drains are attractive hiding places for tiny critters, as well as dirt, leaves, and feathers. Before you run water, clear out as much of the pipe as you can so that you don’t send anything down further into your plumbing.

Correct Outdoor Fixture Installation

outdoorfixtureinstallationSometimes, even the most diligent yearly maintenance isn’t enough to keep outdoor fixtures working forever. Whether it’s rust buildup around hose connections or leaky pipes that simply can’t get patched anymore, a full replacement is needed.

When you need quality installation services, you can count on our staff to help. From new sinks for your outdoor kitchen to hose bibs, we offer high-quality services with the best parts.

Not only does this restore the functionality you need in your home, but also it’ll improve the longevity of your new installations. If backyard barbeques and tending your garden have your schedule booked solid, give us a call.

At Minnesota Plumbing and Heating we’re always happy to answer your questions or schedule a time to perform your outdoor fixture maintenance. We’ll make sure that your water is flowing well and that your pathway is bright.