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Minnesota Plumbing and Heating has your home services covered with our 24-hour emergency services. Timely repairs will help prevent damage and save money. Day or night, call (952) 445-4444 for fast and reliable emergency repairs. Save instantly on your next service when you download our current coupons and special online promotions.

Home emergencies can happen at any time. In most cases, emergencies occur at the most inconvenient times. However, homeowners in Bloomington, MN can always count on the fast and reliable 24-hour emergency plumbing and HVAC services from Minnesota Plumbing and Heating. Has your furnace stopped working? Has a pipe burst in your home? Our technicians are here to help reduce damage and get the problem solved quickly.

24 hour emergency plumbing, heating and ac services

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How to Prevent a Burst Pipe

One of the most common emergency plumbing services is burst pipes. Burst pipes can have a devastating effect on your home. Within seconds, your house could be filled with water, causing immense damage and a huge headache. Here are some tips and tricks to prevent burst pipes in the future:

  • Insulate your pipes using foam insulation.
  • Get clogged drains and toilets repaired in a timely fashion.
  • Do not use chemical drain cleaners.
  • Seal any cracks in the wall that could potentially let in cold air.

Benefits of Emergency Heating Service and 24-Hour AC Repair

When there is a problem with your heater or air conditioning unit, it’s important to get the issue looked at by a professional right away. 24-hour furnace repair and emergency AC repair is vital for preventing extensive damage and getting the issue fixed quickly. For example, a frozen evaporator coil will cause your condenser unit to work harder and could lead to a snowball effect throughout the unit.

Other reasons to act fast when you are experiencing an emergency heating or AC problem are to reduce discomfort and also ensure the safety of your family. A broken heater or furnace in the dead of winter is dangerous because of the cold temperatures while a broken AC in the summer can lead to problems with elderly homeowners or people with breathing problems.

Reasons to Work with Minnesota Plumbing and Heating

In addition to being a reliable source for emergency heating repair in Bloomington, Minnesota Plumbing and Heating offers the following unique benefits and features to complement over 100 years of service experience:

Upfront and Flat Rate Pricing: What you see is what you get when you work with us. Our upfront pricing puts everything on the table before work begins while our flat rates charge by the job, not the hour. This benefits our customers since they will always know exactly what to expect with our pricing.

Licensed and Insured: Our customers never need to worry about working with us because our technicians are all licensed and insured.

Don't get caught in a plumbing or HVAC emergency. Call (952) 445-4444 right away for fast and reliable emergency furnace repair, plumbing repair, and 24-hour air conditioning service in Bloomington, MN today.