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Burnsville, MN homeowners know that the key to saving money and improving efficiency at home lies with professional heating repair and installation services. At Minnesota Plumbing and Heating, we offer comprehensive heating service designed to suit your unique home needs and demands.

As a heating company with a century of industry experience, our heating contractors uphold our reputation for excellence with honest advice, straightforward upfront pricing, and expert heating repair service solutions. Our heating replacement and installation services are also well-known and ensure that we remain the top trusted heating repair company in the area.

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High-Quality Heater Repair Service and Installations

One of the most important aspects of home ownership is maintaining your heater. Nothing is worse than starting winter, only to find that your heater has taken a turn for the worst and you need to invest in an emergency repair. For the record, Minnesota Plumbing and Heating is always available for these types of emergency repairs. However, it’s better to simply avoid unexpected heater repair in the first place.

The best way to prevent issues with your heater is by investing in annual maintenance. Checking things like the air filter, thermostat connections, pilot light, and all other mechanical and electrical components will help ensure your unit works efficiently throughout the year.

When simple heater service is no longer sufficient, reputable heating companies will recommend a new heater installation. Professional heater replacement will help you save significant money on future repairs and rising energy bills due to an old and inefficient unit.

Expert Furnace Contractors

From fast emergency furnace repair service to comprehensive furnace installation appointments, Minnesota Plumbing and Heating does it all when it comes to your furnace service. If you notice strange sounds coming from the furnace or you have lost control of the heating or cooling capacity of the unit, it’s time to call a trusted furnace company for professional furnace repair.

If your current unit is older than 20 years and you are starting to notice recurring issues or a rising energy bill, it may be time to give up on furnace repair and go straight to a new furnace replacement. Working with furnace installation companies to replace your old and worn out furnace with a new unit will help prevent future breakdowns and help you save money on energy costs.

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