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Air conditioning repairs and installations are cost-effective and easy when you call (952) 445-4444. The AC specialists at Minnesota Plumbing and Heating have the training and experience to offer consistent, reliable AC service.

Don’t start summer on the wrong foot. Get expert air conditioning service including repairs, maintenance, and installations from the cooling specialists at Minnesota Plumbing and Heating. With a century of experience, we know exactly what Burnsville, MN homeowners are looking for to maintain a healthy and efficient AC system.

With our extensive experience and premium features such as upfront and flat-rate pricing, homeowners can get the best AC service possible without breaking the bank. Our goal is to make sure our customers are operating efficient and reliable air conditioning systems.

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Work with a Trusted AC Repair Contractor

Frozen evaporator coils, air handler problems, dirty air filters, refrigerant leaks; these are all common problems that impact the average air conditioning system. They are also the first things that a reputable AC repair company will check for if you complain about problems with the unit. Every homeowner will need AC repair at one point or another. If you use your AC every day in the summer, it will most definitely require some air conditioning repair service and maintenance at some point.

As an AC repair company, Minnesota Plumbing and Heating works hard to make sure Burnsville homeowners have everything they need to keep their air conditioners working safely and effectively. Our annual maintenance will help you prevent unexpected problems and save money on your energy bill while our fast repairs will get you back up and running quickly.

Is it Time to Consider AC Replacement or Air Conditioning Installation?

At some point in the lifetime of your air conditioner, you will want to consider the idea of replacing the old unit with a new model. Typically, air conditioners should be replaced every 10-15 years. That way homeowners can always rely on a modern and efficient unit. Air conditioning contractors are always happy to offer advice on whether or not the unit should be replaced.

If you experience issues such as frequent breakdowns requiring repair from an air conditioning service company or rising energy bills due to an inefficient unit, you may want to consider calling an air conditioning installation contractor for professional AC replacement service.

Working with an AC company to replace an old unit is a great idea because the air conditioning contractor can make sure the new unit is perfectly integrated into your home. They can also recommend options that will benefit your unique situation and save even more money in the long run.

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