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Is your heater at the end of its life? This isn’t a reason to stress or panic, simply call the experts at Minnesota Plumbing and Heating for an affordable heater installation service. With 100 years of industry experience, we know exactly what Bloomington, MN homeowners need when it comes to heating replacement and installation services.

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Signs You Should Consider a New Heating Replacement

If you notice any of the following signs or symptoms in your home, it’s a sign that you should invest in a new heater installation right away:

  • The heater is constantly breaking down requiring professional heater repair.
  • You notice rising energy bills due to an inefficient unit.
  • The service parts for your heater are no longer available because the unit is obsolete.

Heaters that are over 20 years old should always be replaced because at this time, they will start to lose efficiency and require more frequent repairs and service that starts to add up. Replacing an old and worn out unit will save you money in the long run.

How to Choose the Right Heater

When choosing a heating system for your home, there are a few things to consider to make sure you select the correct one for your needs.

For optimal heating installation, you should consider what fuel source is best for your needs and budget. Natural gas is the most common fuel source in parts of the country. But where natural gas is not available, propane or LP gas are good alternatives. You may even consider electric heat pumps in places where the weather is not as severe.

When it comes to costs, you want to choose the most efficient heating system possible. The initial cost may seem high, but over time a more efficient heater will pay for itself.

The most popular heating systems are forced air furnaces, hot water boilers, and electric heat pumps.

New gas, propane or oil furnaces typically have efficiencies of up to 96%, while newer boilers have an efficiency of at least 80%. Heat pumps use the same refrigerant as an air conditioner, and during the winter months they reverse the cycle to deliver heat.

When choosing a heating system you should also consider the size of the unit. Bigger is not always better, but efficiency, comfort and cost are some of the major factors to keep in mind.

Want to Save on Your Heating Costs?

There are many ways that homeowners can save on their heating costs. Some of the most simple ways include:

  • Invest in regular maintenance such as air filter cleaning or changing.
  • Make sure your air ducts are properly installed and functioning as they should.
  • As soon as your heater shows signs of losing efficiency, replace it with a new unit to save.

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