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Is Professional Plumbing a Legitimate Art Form?

If there was ever an unlikely pair of words to be thought of in the same context, "plumbing" and "art" are it. On the surface, the two may seem to have nothing at all in common, but if you study a bit closer, you'll see all the reasons why professional plumbing should be considered an art.

It may require you to challenge what you know about plumbing services, and expand your understanding of what it means for something to be called "art." More than just music, dance, paint, or words, art is something we experience every day.

We live in an artful world, and often don't even recognize it. Read on to learn all about plumbing as an art, and the ways you interact with it every day without realizing it.

It’s Always Been Artistic in Nature

“alwaysart”It has been said that a true artist is someone who makes something difficult seem easy to do.

Have you ever struggled to repair a plumbing issue yourself and failed, only to call a professional plumbing technician and be embarrassed by how simple the solution seems to be to them?

This is because plumbing technicians are artists. Even in the very definition of the word "art," we find words like "skill," "craft," and "knowledge."

Therefore it can be surmised that a person who possesses a certain skill that, along with knowledge and training, can be crafted into a final product should be considered an artist in every way. Perhaps then we should consider the professionals at Minnesota Plumbing & Heating "plumbing artists" rather than "plumbing technicians!"

Plumbing And Modern Art

“modernplumbing”Dancing fountains (also called musical fountains) are specialized fountains that can be programmed to spray and move in time with the music.

Believe it or not, they have been around for nearly 200 years since the first one was built in Transylvania by one Peter Bodor around 1820.

Today, dancing water shows not only feature moving water synchronized to music, but the water is often illuminated with lights in varying colors.

These contemporary fountain shows can be seen on practically every continent, and capture the imagination and wonder of adults and children alike, right here in the United States, with world-class shows in Las Vegas and Disneyland.

The beauty and art of the modern dancing fountains show would be impossible without the technology of modern plumbing. Doesn't it stand to reason then, that the plumbing technology responsible for making art should also be considered at itself?

Where Can You See The Art of Plumbing in Everyday Life?

“communityplumbing”You can witness the art of plumbing for yourself on any given day, just by paying attention to all of its suburban uses.

Everything from the intricate system of pipes and drains in your own home to public drinking fountains is part of the art of plumbing!

So don’t be so quick to consider plumbing as something ordinary and mundane. Remember the skill and true artistry involved in just about every aspect of modern day plumbing. Call on Minnesota Plumbing & Heating for all of your professional plumbing needs in Bloomington, MN!