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Dirty Air Ducts? Check Out These Consequences

As we gear up for fall, some households are starting to consider whether or not their air ducts will need to be cleaned for the dreaded time of year where the heating system needs to be turned back on.

If you’re having second thoughts about cleaning your air ducts, read on to find out how to tell if they’re in need of a cleaning, and the health risks that are associated with dirty air ducts.

How Can You Tell if Your Air Ducts are Dirty?

The following systems are clear signs that the air ducts in your home or workplace require a professional air duct cleaning:

  • Excess dust mites or pet hair are being blown from your vents
  • The airflow has a musty smell when the HVAC system is running
  • Vents are whistling loudly or emanating a noisy sound
  • Individuals within your home or workplace are experiencing allergies or irritating symptoms when inside

Health Concerns Surrounding Dirty Air Vents

In addition to the issues stated above that are associated with dirty air ducts, some individuals may experience the following consequences to having clogged-up ducts:

  • Asthma: Is someone in your home struggling to keep their asthma symptoms under control when they’re inside? This may be due to dirty air ducts that are blowing dust mites, allergens, pollen, mold spores, and other airborne irritants throughout your home. If this is the case, try and schedule your next air duct cleaning as soon as possible, and ensure that they’re being cleaned regularly to avoid excessive asthmatic symptoms.
  • Respiratory infections: The airborne irritants stated above do not just add to asthma symptoms, but can create real health issues within your respiratory system. If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms like a runny nose, chest congestion, coughing, or sneezing, you may be dealing with respiratory issues or an infection.
  • Sinus Infection: Similar to respiratory infections, sinuses can become infected when you’re surrounded by air that contains mold, dust, pollen, or other irritants. Symptoms of a sinus infection include sinus pressure behind eyes and cheeks, continuing headaches, a stuffy or congested nose, and fatigue.

When you’re dealing with any of the health concerns stated above, seek medical attention as soon as possible, or immediately if symptoms worsen. Your next step should be to schedule a complete air duct cleaning by an HVAC professional in your area.