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Celebrate Your Trees & Landscaping this May


We all know that low-quality, polluted air can make you sick. Allergens and airborne particles get inside your lungs and cause irritation and damage. But did you know that breathing in clean air is better for you not just because it lacks pollutants, but because it actively improves your health?

Today is a special day. Do you know why?

Today is National Love a Tree Day! Trees purify our air, and clean air is essential to our survival. Trees are worthy of celebration today, and every day.

The Benefits of Clean Air

breathePeople of all ages benefit from clean air, but children and seniors benefit most of all. Their lungs are either developing or degrading, so polluted air affects them more dramatically than it does healthy adults.

One of the primary benefits of clean air is the reduction of allergens and the improvement of asthma symptoms. With fewer irritants in your lungs, you’ll breathe much better. Breathing clean air increases your energy levels, which helps you lead a more active, healthy life.

The more active you are, the longer you’ll live, so exposure to cleaner air can actually extend your life! Many people may not realize that clean air aids in proper digestion. All of your muscles, including those in your digestive system, operate better when fueled with clean air. When your muscles aren’t fighting against pollutants, they can do their job better.

You probably know that trees help clean the air, but do you know how they actually do it? There are several ways that trees improve air quality, but what comes to mind for most people is their ability to filter pollutants out of the air.

A tree’s leaves are covered in microscopic stomata, which are like tiny little pores, all along their surface. Each stoma absorbs gas pollutants like ozone, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. They also absorb airborne particles from car exhaust, fires, and power plants. The fewer pollutants there are in the air, the cleaner it will be.

How HVAC Systems Clean Your Home’s Air

hvacsystemThe air around us is not as clean and pure as it was two hundred years ago. As our society has innovated and created new technologies, we’ve filled the air with pollutants.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the degradation of our air quality, we’ve also developed systems to improve it. We know that clean air is essential for good health, and our home HVAC systems are an indispensable tool in purifying our air.

HVAC units have air filters that catch particulates flowing through ventilation ducts. Some HVAC systems include UV lights, which kill microbes and mold spores that would otherwise spread through your house.

Since your HVAC system circulates air and pollutants that are already in your home, one of the best things you can do to improve air quality is open your windows. Believe it or not, the air outside is often purer than the air inside. The trees are working all day long to absorb pollutants, so let some of that clean, fresh air into your house!

Celebrate National Love a Tree Day

loveatreeOne of the best ways that you can celebrate Love a Tree Day is by planting a new tree. The more trees there are, the cleaner the air will be.

You could also celebrate by caring for trees that are already in your yard or your neighborhood. Give them a big drink of water and trim away any dead branches to make room for new, healthy ones.

If you need help replacing the filters in your HVAC system or you think your entire system could use a spring cleaning, give us a call. We’ll make sure your system is free of pollutants so you can breathe easy.