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Here’s What Heater Maintenance Should Cost

Not sure how much you should be paying for your annual heating system maintenance check and tune-up? Minnesota Plumbing & Heating is here to dispel some myths about heating maintenance and help you understand what your maintenance service should include, and how much you should pay for it. After reading through the information below, you'll never overpay for annual heating services again!

What Does a Maintenance Check Consist of?

“heatingmaintenance”Usually, maintenance visits include all of the basic inspections and cleanings that a central HVAC system requires. Your technician should first check that all the electrical or gas connections are tightened.

Whether you have an electric heater or a gas-powered furnace, tight connections are critical because a loose electrical or gas connection is a fire hazard, and loose gas connections could cause a carbon monoxide leak, which can be fatal.

Next, your HVAC technician should check your controls to ensure that the system starts, runs, and shuts off properly, and lubricate all the moving parts in your unit. Then they should clean and inspect your condensate drain and drain pan, and clean/replace your filter. If either the filter or the drain is clogged, it could lead to leaking within your unit, causing water damage.

Lastly, your technician should check the settings on your thermostat, to make sure you're not paying more than you need to for heating when you're not home. If your thermostat is not already programmed to do so, the technician can help you set it up so that your home is allowed to be a bit cooler during the day, while you're out, and then resume heating when you return in the evening. This could make a big difference in your monthly energy bill.

Heating Maintenance Checks Should Cost…

“heatingcosts”We’ll keep this simple. The national average cost of heating maintenance service is anywhere from $50 in lower income areas to as much as $150 for annual maintenance plans that include other benefits as well as the check-up.

If your HVAC contractor charges you more than $150 for a simple maintenance check, show them the door and call Minnesota Plumbing & Heating instead!

Call Minnesota Plumbing & Heating For Heater Installation, Repairs, & Maintenance!

“callusheating”For more than a hundred years, Minnesota Plumbing & Heating has been providing high-quality, professional, honest HVAC services in the south Minneapolis area.

Originally opened in 1917 under the name Steins Plumbing and Heating, we have always been dedicated to providing top-notch maintenance work with the best customer service.

Our customer-driven focus means that we won’t rest until you are completely satisfied with the job! At Minnesota Plumbing & Heating, one of our core values is honesty and transparency with our customers. Our licensed and insured technicians are always up-front and honest about both the work your system needs, and how much it costs.

We don’t believe you should ever overpay for necessary heating services like annual maintenance checks. That’s why we offer our Service Partner Plan, which comes with exclusive discounts on all our award-winning services, as well as conveniently scheduled maintenance visits at no additional cost to you! Give us a call today for more information!