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Your kitchen is a busy place. Between preparing meals, entertaining guests, and all of the other activities done in the kitchen, it’s important to keep the plumbing components working efficiently. At Minnesota Plumbing and Heating, we offer exceptional kitchen plumbing repair and installation services designed to help Bloomington, MN homeowners enjoy their kitchen’s full potential.

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Common Faucet Repair and Sink Replacement Issues

Your sink and faucet are vital components in your kitchen. However, there are a few common issues that impact these components that often lead to repair or replacements. Some of the most common faucet and sink repair issues include:

  • Worn out washers and o-rings in the faucet causing dripping or leaking.
  • Destroyed valve seat in the faucet.
  • Sediment build up in the faucet.
  • Damaged or cracked sinks that leak onto the kitchen counter.
  • Replacing old and worn out sinks that do not match the current decor of the kitchen.
  • Sinks with a broken drain basket should also be replaced.

How to Prevent Garbage Disposal Problems?

Using your garbage disposal on a regular basis makes it more susceptible to wear and tear, often leading to breakdowns and malfunctions. Some of the best ways to save money on garbage disposal repair service are to prevent the problems in the first place. Try these tips and tricks to keep your garbage disposal working properly:

  • Never put hard items like bones or shells in the disposal.
  • If you have a lot of material to dispose of, do it in stages to not jam the disposal.
  • Always run warm water through the unit once you are done using it. This will quickly clean the blades.
  • If you require an installation or repair service, hire a professional to prevent injuries and unnecessary complications.

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