Comprehensive Dehumidifier Repair & Installation for Bloomington Homeowners

Fight mold, discomfort, water damage, and other issues caused by excess humidity in your home with a whole-house dehumidifier. Call (952) 445-4444 and ask the experts at Minnesota Plumbing and Heating if a dehumidifier is right for you.

Are you noticing an uncomfortable clammy feeling in your home? Do you find allergy symptoms worse than usual? One of the most common air quality problem for Bloomington, MN homeowners is having too much humidity in the house. At Minnesota Plumbing and Heating, we offer premium humidity solutions for homeowners in the form of custom whole-house dehumidifier installation and repair services.

dehumidifier repair and installation services

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Why is a Whole-House Dehumidifier Better than a Portable Unit?

For many homeowners, excess humidity is a problem noticed throughout the entire home. And although the air conditioner dehumidifier does a good job at reducing humidity, sometimes, it’s not enough. Portable dehumidifiers are a small help because they are typically on wheels and can be moved from room to room. However, they do not have the same capacity as a whole-house dehumidifier. Investing in one large unit will cover the entire home and eliminate the need for multiple portable units.

What Problems Does it Solve?

Excess humidity in the home is dangerous and inconvenient for many reasons. Some of the most troubling issues caused by excess humidity include:

  • Increased allergy symptoms.
  • Dripping windows.
  • Water damage.
  • Mold growth.
  • Warped wood beams or flooring.
  • A general feeling of discomfort or clamminess.
  • And more!

One of the biggest benefits of a dehumidifier is the fact that it can be working when the AC is not turned on. In the summer, the AC dehumidifier takes care of excess humidity, however, when you don’t need to cool the home, it’s not a good idea to turn the AC on. A whole-house dehumidifier will reduce humidity levels to a safe and manageable amount while not changing the overall temperature in your home.

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Why Work with Minnesota Plumbing and Heating?

Whether you are interested in installing a new unit or looking for fast and effective dehumidifier repair service, we have the answers you need. Our friendly and experienced technicians offer exceptional service that you can always rely on. We also include these features and unique benefits on each service call:

Upfront, Flat-Rate Pricing: Customers always know what to expect come billing time because we discuss all rates and prices before starting work.

Licensed and Insured: Customers enjoy knowing our technicians are not only qualified and experienced, but they are also licensed and insured for your protection.

Get rid of excess humidity in your home and reduce negative air quality symptoms with a whole-house dehumidifier. Call (952) 445-4444 for expert dehumidifier repair and installation services in Bloomington, MN today.