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Toilet Plumbing - How to Prevent Damage

One of the last things that anybody ever wants is to have a plumbing issue. It can throw off the whole flow of the home and cause a lot of aggravation. You want to keep your toilet as fluid as possible without having to wastewater with extra flushes. Or, maybe your toilet is just naturally slow when it flushes. Let’s look at some ways that you can improve the overall power of your toilet flush.

Utilize Toilet Cleaning Tablets

toilet cleaning tabletsCleaning tablets are a good way to keep your toilet cleaning and flushing properly. Some tablets can be harmful to your toilet, so be sure to use a gel tablet that is a safer alternative.

The tablet can be placed under the rim of the bowl and the gel will keep the toilet fresh for up to a month. It will kill almost 100% of the germs and viruses that could harm your toilet. Users need to make sure that it doesn’t end up getting clogged in the toilet, which could lead to wasting a lot of water.

Additionally, when placing your tablet, be sure to steer clear of the flapper. If a cleaning tablet is lodged between it, it will cause the water to flow constantly through your toilet.

Toilet Paper Flushing Only Please!

Many products may say they are able to be flushed down the toilet, but only toilet paper should ever be flushed down a toilet. Be sure that when you are flushing toilet paper, you don’t flush it in large clumps. Clumps do not pass easily and they will sit in your drain line for extended periods of time and create a backup.

only flush toilet paper

Tampons, wipes, and paper towels are among the items that should never be flushed, they should be thrown away in the trash instead of the toilet. Many of these items will dissolve, but not quickly enough to avoid any problems. Dental floss, cotton swabs, grease, cat litter, rags, and towels should also be classified in the “do not flush” category. Toilets were built for one reason only and should not be taken advantage of as a quick way to get rid of items in your home.

Just Dump a Bucket of Water Down the Toilet!

bucket of waterYes, you read that right. When you dump a bucket of water down the toilet, it can remove an annoying clog. Fill up a bucket of water and aim it directly at the bottom of the bowl where the passageway is located. Dump it quickly and you will notice that the water may rise but then rapidly descend down the bowl.

The rush of the heavy water was able to clear the clog. This method may not work the first time, but it will quickly eat away at the clog and eventually it will fully work.

The next time that your plunger isn’t doing the trick, wait for the clogged water levels to drop lower and then dump your bucket of water. You will be amazed at how such a simple trick can solve a sometimes complicated problem!

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