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With 100 years of industry experience, we are the heating company that more homeowners in the area trust for all their heating repair service and beyond. With our upfront pricing your heating replacement and heating repair services are well taken care of.

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Expert Heater Repair and Installation Services

No one wants to spend money on professional heater repair service. However, it’s a fact of life for many instances that require attention from a professional heating repair company. If you are experiencing issues like reduced airflow, loss of heating control, or hearing funny sounds coming the unit, you probably need heater service from an expert. Our technicians strive for perfection, looking for the underlying problem and finding a personalized solution that will suit your unique needs.

For heaters that are older than 20 years, we recommend a new heater installation. After about 20 years of operation in your home, your heater will start to show signs of wear and tear. This usually presents itself with more frequent repairs and rising energy bills. A new heater replacement will help prevent future repairs and help you save money on your energy bill.

Reliable Furnace Contractors

When you need professional furnace repair and installation services, it’s always a good idea to rely on a reputable furnace company. There are many home repairs that are perfectly safe to DIY but when you are dealing with gas or electrical components with furnace service, it’s always best to trust an expert. Minnesota Plumbing and Heating is one of the top trusted furnace repair companies in the area. We work hard to determine the underlying problem from air filters to pilot lights or thermostat problems. When you call us for furnace repair service, expect fast, reliable service that is uniquely catered to meet your unique needs.

Are you experiencing rising energy bills or more frequent furnace repairs? Consider a new furnace installation to solve all your problems. A furnace replacement will help you lower your energy bill and prevent future repairs. Most respected furnace installation companies will also recommend a new installation for furnaces over 20 years old since the unit is starting to lose efficiency, at that time.

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With 100 years experience as a furnace company, we are the best source for heating services in Prior Lake, MN. Contact us today at (952) 445-4444 for all your heater and furnace repair and installation services.