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For over a century, Minnesota Plumbing and Heating has served Chanhassen, MN and the surrounding area with exceptional plumbing and water heater services. As a trusted local plumber, we are always reaching for excellence with each plumbing service call. Regardless of whether the job is a minor repair or comprehensive installation, we apply the same level of care and consideration into the work.

We have set out with a goal to provide affordable and reliable residential plumbing services. Since opening our doors in 1917, we have helped countless homeowners with their plumbing problems and installation needs.

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Respected Residential Plumbing Services

Looking for a plumbing contractor who has your best interests in mind? Finding a plumbing specialist you can trust in McHenry is as simple as calling Minnesota Plumbing and Heating. We specialize in a variety of plumbing repair and installation services. Our technicians are committed to keeping your home protected from unexpected problems such as burst pipes, and we are also available for preventative maintenance such as drain cleaning. With our experienced repairs and affordable services, you will rest easy knowing your home is always covered by a professional.

Our plumbing installation services are also a great way to add value to your home and save money on your energy bill and prevent the need for repairs in the future. Services such as bathroom remodeling, sewer line replacement, toilet replacement and more are popular choices for homeowners to save money in the long run and improve their quality of life.

Do You Need Professional Water Heater Replacement?

Did you know that most traditional water heaters only work efficiently in the home for about 10-15 years? At that point, they begin to lose efficiency and require more frequent repairs. In other words, homeowners spend more on their energy bill and also frequently pay for emergency repairs. To reduce costs and save money in the future, we recommend professional water heater replacement services. By making this initial investment, you will enjoy a water heater that is more reliable and efficient.

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