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Many common air conditioning problems can be attributed to the air handler. For expert air handler installation and repair services, contact Minnesota Plumbing and Heating at (952) 445-4444 for a timely appointment.

Minnesota Plumbing and Heating is an air conditioning company with 100 years of industry experience. Our Bloomington, MN customers have relied on us since 1917 for all their high-quality air handler repair and installation services. From small repairs to big installations, we have answers to all your questions.

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What is an Air Handler?

The air handler is home to all of the vital AC components, making it one of the most important components of your AC system. It can typically be identified as a large, gray box located outside your home. Mechanical components, electrical components, blowers, motors, and more all function within it. If your AC is experiencing a problem, chances are, the issue is located in the air handler.

Common Air Handler Problems

When it comes to diagnosing these problems, there are several common issues that we look for, in most cases. They include:

Dirty Air Filters: Your air handler requires an absolutely clean environment and a constant stream of clean air to work properly. If the air filter is clogged or dirty, dust and debris will contaminate the unit and it will strain to work harder.

Electrical Components: Failing electrical components are also common problems that impact the air filter.

Mechanical Problems: Blower motors, faulty capacitors, or fan belts can fail or malfunction.

Evaporator Coils: The evaporator coil cools and condenses returning air. If the coil becomes contaminated, it could freeze and stop working, putting strain on other components in the unit.

Physical Damage: Dents and cracks in the component itself can also lead to significant problems and should be repaired with a new air handler installation.

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Benefits of Air Handler Maintenance

Avoiding air handler repair is easy when you realize how important regular maintenance by a professional is. Your air handler is responsible for moving air through your home which is why it’s such an important part of your HVAC system.

Preventative maintenance of your air handler can prevent uneven cool and hot spots in your home and provide many other benefits such as increased efficiency. Here is what you can expect from professional air handler service:

  • The air handler and other components will be removed from your HVAC system and cleaned using solutions that will rid it of dust, dirt, and bacteria.
  • The coils and fan system will also be cleaned and rinsed during this step. We will then rebuild the air handler and place it back into your unit.
  • Next, we perform a comprehensive check of your air handler system to ensure everything is in working order. This includes checking for any strange noises, draining your condensation pan and cleaning and lubricating electrical and moving parts.

Preventative maintenance makes it so that major repair services such as air handler repair are needed less frequently. This is why it’s so important to hire a professional for air handler service. Besides giving you a full and comprehensive air handler cleaning and check, we will also be able to identify any lurking problems and solve them before you need to spend tons of money on a major repair.

Why Trust Your Air Handler Repair to us?

Because the air handler is one of the most important parts of your AC system, you can't trust it to be repaired by just anyone. Minnesota Plumbing and Drain are Bloomington's most trusted air handler repair professionals.

We've been finding personalized solutions to air handler issues for over 100 years. Our technicians are all certified and licensed. They are also highly trained to handle any and all of your AC needs.

When you call us, a knowledgable technician will work with you to find the optimal air handler repair solutions. We always offer honest pricing upfront to avoid surprises later on.

If your Bloomington, MN air conditioning system is experiencing problems, the issue is probably relating to the air handler. Call (952) 445-4444 for fast and effective air handler installation and repair services.